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Prenkë Jakova he is an Albanian composer of whom very little is known in Italy, but he was a great musician, who succeeded in an incredible feat: to give a musical identity to Albania as soon as it was freed from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire, in which it was necessary to rebuild a culture of age-old ruins of domination.

Prenkë rolls up his sleeves and begins to write about everything, from educational works, to sacred music, to band, symphony, songs, to opera.

In fact, his first operas in Albanian, Mrika and Skënderbeu, are his first, and almost all subsequent composers were his pupils. He died in rather strange circumstances, perhaps "committed suicide" by the regime, in the 1968.

Come on Elhaida!

Come on Elhaida!

Elhaida Dani arrives in the final at the talent show The Voice of Italy. Until 24: 00 of 29 May 2013 on iTunes the unreleased tracks of 4 singers finalists.

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