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January 27 2020

Tag: Eqrem Çabej

Eqrem Cabej (1908-1980), formed in Austria in the years' 20-'30, is considered today the most authoritative albanologist and scholar of the Albanian context. He was the first to move the center of Albanological studies from abroad within Albania itself. Starting from the studies on Albanian literature and culture in general, he gradually focuses on the history of the language, the origin and the autochthony of the Albanian people starting from linguistic facts and, above all, from etymology. His vast research work ranges from school texts on literature and the language to the study of ancient Albanian texts (The Missal of Gjon Buzuku, the first book in Albanian made known by him), from dialectology to historical grammar, from lexicography to etymological studies. His Studime etimologjike në fushë të shqipes (Etymological studies in the Albanian field), a work in many volumes, has been defined on various occasions as a true encyclopedia of the Albanian language. His writings are today a point of reference for any scholar who is interested in the location of the Albanian culture and language in the Balkan and Indo-European context.