Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha (Argirocastro, 16 ottobre 1908 – Tirana, 11 aprile 1985) è stato un politico albanese. Guidò l’Albania dalla fine della seconda guerra mondiale fino alla sua morte nel 1985 come primo segretario del Partito del Lavoro d’Albania.


Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania, by Blendi Fevziu

Stalinism, that particularly brutal phase of the Communist experience, came to an end in most of Europe with the death…

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Albanian Tourism

“Tirana, Mon Amour” – Can you fall in love with a city?

Can you fall in love with a city? My answer is yes. Because that's what happened to me coming to…

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Tedi Papavrami. The sound of spring that was still quite far away

Tedi Papavrami - “When an escape is equal to breathing…” - Being a musician in the aftermath of Enver Hoxha

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