Albania News is a participatory publication based in Modena, which is the result of a network of contacts and correspondents present in the Albanian community living in Italy and by journalists, professors, scholars or students residing in the country of the eagles to create an independent information network , consisting of a portal in Italian albanianews.it


The electronic newspaper ALBANIA NEWS born 20 March 2008 is the engine of one of the most important cohesion and growth tools for Albanians in Italy, as well as for their relations with Albania, Italian institutions and various European bodies. The 30 September 2009 is then registered as a real computer network at the Modena Court.

The Web site, www.albanianews.it demonstrates these statements with numbers. In addition to the 35.000 subscribers to the newsletter, and to the regular readers of the portal - with more 2 million accesses in the first four-month period 2019, the Albanian newspaper today has over 200mila followers on Facebook, to which it provides timely and specialized information services on the territory, emphasizing the role, stories and opportunities available to Albanians in Italy.

It publishes mainly news on politics, economics and customs, advertises cultural events, promotes civil and social campaigns, carries out surveys whose value is attested by the number of views, which easily exceed 6 million.

With various activities throughout the territory, Albania News also facilitates the meeting and direct exchange between groups of Albanian immigrants and host communities, proposing cultural events, social promotion, awareness raising, training.

It is not an exaggeration, therefore, to recognize that Albania News is a reference point for the new Italians of Albanian origin, a digital place in which to deepen their knowledge of the roots and also to discover the Italo-Albanian cultural activities close to home, thanks to networking and mapping of associations, carried out involving many collaborators as antennas in Italy.

The contents and the vital exchange they activated have a very important weight in defining the identity of the new Italian-Albanian generation, young people who love Italy and are proud of their roots.

Not surprisingly, the most recent project, managed through the website www.turismo.al, designed to promote the development of the Albanian tourism sector, was launched in the 2018.

Site Manager

Franco Tagliarini (f.tagliarini@albanianews.it)

Editorial Director

Olti Buzi (o.buzi@albanianews.it)

The founders of Albania News

Olti Buzi (Modena), Darien Levani (Ferrara), Alban Trungu (Forlì), Manfred Bushi (Modena), Ismail Ademi (Arezzo)

Last update: 02 May 2019

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