Guide to the Country of Eagles offered by the editorial staff of Albania News in Italian. For any clarification contact the staff via the appropriate form

Albania News services

1. Recent news Albania

Albania News offers recent news on various topics from Albania and Italy. We have created a special container on the news about the Country of the Eagles on the Albania News site.

2. Information practices

In this section of the site we want to give information about Albania. These are geo-political, cultural, religious, climatic, health and safety-related information. Furthermore, useful information of a more practical nature can be found, such as the coverage of the mobile telephone network, the type of electrical network, etc.

3. Chronology of Country of the Eagles

The historical chronology of Albania from the 1939 to today with the most important political and cultural dates of the Land of Eagles.

4. Addresses e link future

Addresses and useful links once arrived at the Country of the Eagles by the Italian Representations in Albania to the Banks and main Albanian Ministries

5. Albania Literary

In addition to the news, we also have a literary vocation that often leads us to share articles on writers and novels. So we thought of putting together a database of Albanian books and authors who write or have been translated into Italian.

6. Discover Albania tourist is born to offer tourist information on Albania, hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfast, the map of the sites of interest to visit and to offer information on the events of art and culture in Albania. aims to become a destination marketing platform for Albanian tourism, its mission is to promote Albania in Italy, reflect its living identity and enhance the local economy through e-commerce opportunities

7. The Albanian section of Albania News

The language we have chosen to present Albania is Italian. But we also have a section in Albanian where news that is of some relevance to the Albanian diaspora in Italy is translated directly into Albanian