New book offers pictures of George W Bush’s controversial presidency

The crowd that rushes to touch Mr Bush

New book ‘Front Row Seat: A Photographic Portrait of the Presidency of George W Bush’ provides a never before seen look into the life of the controversial president during his eight years in office.

The pictures taken by Draper, the longest-serving White House photographer, show Mr Bush both at work with his inner circle of advisers and also in his private downtime with wife Laura and at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

This picture was taken by Draper in Albania where a crowd rushes to touch Mr Bush during the first visit to the country by an American president

A tiny Albanian village, Fushë Krujë, that President George W. Bush visited in 2007 unveiled a shirt-sleeved statue of him in 2011, in a square named for him.

George Bush statue
The 2.85 m- (9.3 ft-) tall statue of the former president, raising his left hand in greeting