Who are our users?

Albanian citizens living in Italy and Italian citizens interested in Albania and migration issues in general.

Albanian citizens living in Italy.

Currently our site is visited on average by 1700 unique visitors per day with an average time of use of the 3 '19' site (data of Google Analytics e Facebook Insights of which Albanianews.it uses to manage information relating to the overview and geographical distribution of visitors, traffic sources and the contents overview).

They are scattered users throughout the national territory, mainly in central and northern Italy. These are people who have lived in Italy for many years, educated and with high levels of integration. All the representatives of the most active and representative Albanian associations on the national territory attend our site. Precisely for them we have activated on Albanianews.it a section where they can publish their initiatives, thus becoming national referents of the major initiatives on Albania.

In addition to virtual visits, the Albamedia association organizes at least one national event every year in which leading authorities from the Albanian world are invited. This allows us to set up a network that thanks to the multiplier effect that our privileged witnesses can reach numbers that are around 100 thousand potential contacts.

Italian citizens interested in Albania and migration issues in general.

There are many Italians interested in Albania and we also turn to them. We offer practical information on the country, useful contacts, reflections at 360 degrees on the socio-economic situation. We know that it is a niche user, but we are also fully aware that it is a high quality user, with a strong multiplier and loyal effect to our portal.

1. Source Dossier Caritas / Migrantes 2009
2. Over 15 thousand Albanian students in Italian universities
3. Over 20 thousand Albanian companies in Italy
4. Presidents of associations, representatives of informal groups, community opinion leaders, cultural mediators, etc.

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2.8% Kosovo
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2% Greece
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