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January 22 2020


The essay is a written work that is conducted in an objective and rational way on a scientific, political, philosophical, literary, historical, historiographical or customary topic, freely addressed by the collaborators of Albania News.

The liquid border

The liquid boundary: literary and intercultural relations between Italy and Albania, curated by Emma Bond (Lecturer in Italian and Comparative Literature at St. Andrews, as well as careful observer of the migrant narrative) and Daniele Comberiati (Université Libri de Bruxelles, author of several essays on migration and literature) is the first ...

Heirs of Power

On the shore, lying on the ground motionless, there is Crono - the new god of the universe, with his face and body stained with blood, still warm from his father. In his hands, the terrible sickle dirty from the clots of sin ...

That "disease" called nostalgia

Nostalgia. One of the most common feelings of men over the centuries. Of it, they wrote the most beautiful songs, poems, musical pieces…. We talked a lot, we talk and we'll talk again, about that feeling that often invests us and sometimes we can't send it away.

Several - Equal

Every human being possesses a priceless treasure, guarded in the soul. The true art is hidden in there and in each of us takes on different appearances. The real challenge lies in finding the key to our passion.

Damn nostalgia

There are moments like these when you think something is missing in your life. You are thousands of miles away from your home, your homeland

The continuation (The Invitation)

Inviting means, at least in the gesture made by my thought, an opening that is not simply an opening to the other, that is, to dialogue (at least not only that). In saying "invitation", I say "I invite you to talk about yourself" which is a transfer of what fills you, like identity and personality, through ...

The invitation!

One day, the space to which we can put a foot to build an identity, will and intentionality of every human existence. A day is a small thing but it is enough to indicate a man, recognize him in the midst of the unfriendly crowd of the unknown and somehow rebuild his ...