February 17 2020
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Poems »Migratory Literature

Interview with the talented poet Eloi Xhani (Sawah)

I had the opportunity to meet the postmodern poet Eloi Xhani, who reads so much about social networks, through his publications in the literary magazine ATUNIS. The poems and the philosophical thought contained in those publications have attracted my attention. After translating some of his poems into Italian, ...

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Not to forget - Aldo Renato Terrusi

Aldo Terrusi, whose father was interned without fault in the Burrel prison where he died. Terrusi wrote a book - also translated in Albanian - on the story of his father, of a family that had resided for at least two hundred years in the Balkan countries and was Director of the Bank of Albania in Vlore ....


"A narrative conscience describes with irony and displeasure a common event that basically concerns many peoples regardless of the name, the epoch, the history of glories or defeats ...", by Erina Alushi

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