Information on fact-checking legislation, deontology, corrections and editorial team

Albania News is a newspaper that reports on Albania (Shqipëria) and the Albanians in Italy, in Italian. Over the years it has become the most important instrument of cohesion of the Albanian diaspora, having closely followed its growth and its relations with Albania, Italian institutions and various European bodies.

Important information on

  1. Fact-checking legislation
  2. Deontological regulation
  3. Correction legislation
  4. Information on ownership and financing
  5. Editorial team information
  6. Contact

1) Legislation on fact-checking

One of the prerogatives of the team is to always guarantee information adhering to the facts. For this reason, in order to maintain the authority gained over the years, our online newspaper operates a strict control so that the error is minimized, striving for the reduction on the web of the distribution of false news. We identify, for example, the news that could be false through a direct verification of the sources performed by our collaborators.

Our employees involved in the fact-checker are in charge of checking the news, the relative sources and evaluating their accuracy. We always take into consideration any reports from our readers. We reject pages and websites that are not reliable or that share false news, having edited a specific list of Albanian newspapers from which we do the press review.

2) Deontological regulation

The work of our team refers to the unique text of the duties of the journalist approved by the National Council at the 27 meeting in January 2016

3) Regulations on corrections

We always guarantee the right to rectify, as required by law, and our contents are reviewed several times a day by our team. Furthermore, our readers can always report errors to the address

4) Information on ownership and financing

The newspaper was born on March 20 and is the engine of one of the most important cohesion and growth tools for Albanians in Italy, as well as for their relations with Albania, Italian institutions and various European bodies. It is then registered as a real telematic header the 30 September 2009 to the Court of Modena. From the 2009 It is owned by Alba Media, apolitical and social promotion association. Albania News does not receive public funding.

5) Information from the editorial team

Albania News is a participatory publication based in Modena, which is the result of a network of contacts and correspondents in the Albanian community residing in Italy and by journalists, professors, scholars or students who live in the country of the eagles to create a network of independent information, consisting of a portal in Italian

Site Manager

Franco Tagliarini

Editorial Director

Olti Buzi


  • Olti Buzi
  • Darien Levani
  • Alban Trungu
  • Manfred Bushi
  • Ismail Ademi

6) Contacts

You can contact us by writing to, contact us on ours facebook page or twitter

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