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November 21, 2019

Gerarta Dance

The next 26 Maggio 2019 European elections will be held. Gerarta Dance, the only candidate of Albanian origin from Italy, is candidate with the PD in South constituency (Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria)

Gerarta Ballo has 34 years and comes from the world of volunteering, social and cultural associations. He took the first steps in working in the youth newsrooms of Turin, even on the radio. Later she engaged in the world of diplomacy, for two terms at the Embassy of Albania in Rome. He worked in network with the Italian-Albanian associations on the Italian territory, entrepreneurs and professionals, students and second generations. As head of public diplomacy he has carried out cultural, entrepreneurial, tourist and social initiatives, promoting good integration.

In the South it has developed solid relationships with the linguistic minority Arbëresh (50 bilingual municipalities in southern Italy), working for its enhancement in relation to Italian and Albanian institutions. On a broader level, it is committed to networking to promote equal opportunities, with a focus on women and job opportunities for the youngest. In addition, his study on second generations in Europe will soon be published, which tells the story of young Europeans who are children of immigrants from a sociological, legal and cultural point of view, published by FEPS.

Gerarta Ballo was born in Albania and grew up in Italy from the age of 11 years. She graduated in International Relations at the University of Turin and received a master's degree in Politics, Programs and European Design. It is an honorary citizen of the Municipality of Lungro, in the province of Cosenza "..for the attention, the presence and the enhancement of the Arbëresh territories".

Gerarta Dance

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In Italy for the European elections we will vote Sunday May 26, with the seats that will be opened by 7.00 hours at 23.00.

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