Manfred Bushi

Manfred Bushi

The Albanian Tortoise Manfred Bushi

The Tortoise

"Damn it ... I knew it!" exclaimed the young bey, leaning back in his chair and letting his hands fall backwards, dangling, after throwing the papers and the francs on the table. "I imagined it, because while I was coming here I saw the turtle". "But which turtle?" asked a new guest, who came from a ...


The spring by the juniper bush

You can also die by tradition. Or, one can make a poignant tale, a cruel echo of a timeless Albania, where between a perpetually impassive spring and a juniper bush, a young woman veiled in red surfaces and disappears, as if to claim her dream of a bride.

21 January 2011 Albania

Blue terror

To understand the events of the 21 January last year, we should go back to Albanian history and take a retrospective look at the times when the communists had just taken power.

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