Alban Trungu

Alban Trungu

He lives in Forlì and is one of the founders of Albania News. From March 2008 to March 2012 was the editor of this newspaper

The new legislature is underway

Today at 18: 00 meets in first session the Albanian parliament elected last 23 June: 140 deputies, of which 83 belong to the center-left majority and 57 to the center-right opposition. It is the eighth Legislature of political transition and has the highest number of women parliamentarians: thirty-one. She is also a woman ...


Transition to Albanian

Albania is the only European country that can boast the primacy of having two Prime Ministers and two governments at the same time, but also two opposition leaders and two oppositions


Politics to undo the institutions

The decree on the sale of the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces to the Democratic Party approved by the Council of Ministers last August 7 is the target of the latter and will be one of the hot topics between majority and opposition in the next legislature at the beginning of September.

Forlì: March 1st, an experience to be consolidated

Forlì: March 1st, an experience to be consolidated

If the March 1st demonstration in Piazza Saffi was little attended even because of the rain, the public debate that followed was a moment of confrontation on the problems and concrete proposals on what to do. For those who would like to participate, the First March Committee of Forlì-Cesena ...

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