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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Adela Kolea

Nata a Tirana , di origine italo - albanese. Ha frequentato il Liceo Scientifico; a Parma, diplomata all’ITC “Melloni”. Appassionata di letteratura e lingue straniere. Vive in Italia da 21 anni.

Berat, Second World War: American doctors saved by my father and...

Interview with Mrs. Elda Stefa Naraci, daughter of Kostaq Stefa, the translator and the companion of American doctors that landed with their aircraft in Albania during the War in 1943. Kostaq Stefa the Albanian who was shot by the communists in 1948.

“Pharmakon” : particles in the air of a mental “solution” for...

Interview with the young Albanian filmmaker and anthropologist, Joni Shanaj. “Pharmakon”: particles in the air of a mental solution for the Albanian society. By Adela Kolea. Translated by Saranda Shala

“An actor gets educated, taught, trained, and transformed”- interview with the...

Interview by Adela Kolea with Mevlan Shanaj, a prominent figure in the Albanian cinematography as an actor, a movie producer and a professor at the Art Academy of Tirana.

Elhaida, the sweet hurricane

Interview with Elhaida Dani, the new Albanian singer who won the competition of the program “The Voice of Italy” 2013, and benefited from the Italian public assessment, the Albanian one and the international public with her undisputable voice and at the same time, with her sweet communication towards the public.

Tedi Papavrami. The sound of spring that was still quite far...

Tedi Papavrami - “When an escape is equal to breathing…” - Being a musician in the aftermath of Enver Hoxha

In Brescia, our show in support of the town’s Albanian Association

The protagonist of this interview is a well-known Albanian dancer, Leon Cino, who tells us about his willingness to sustain the Albanian Association in Brescia, the town where he currently lives in, by hosting a charity event in their favour by presenting its activity that aims to the positive Albanians integration in the area.

“Everything can be achieved through hard work” – this was the...

She is Ardita Statovci, an Albanian pianist, born in Prishtina, Kosovo. With excellent results in her career, she is now known internationally

“Albanian people: kind and hospitable” – Interview with Marcel Duinker

“ALBANIAN PEOPLE: KIND AND HOSPITABLE” - Interview with Marcel Duinker, chief technician to Team Kawasaki