Iskander Association, Campania


The association Iskander aims to promote awareness of the links between Italian and Albanian culture, and enhances the artistic, cultural and linguistic heritage.

The Iskander association will pursue its objectives of protecting and promoting the Albanian and Arbëreshe culture through: film review, conferences, guided tours in territories and places where you can concretely admire the Albanian ethno-cultural heritage, through basic Albanian language lessons and events folkloristic and enogastronomic.

Iskander Campania

Personal data

Legal name Iskander
Location address Rione Umberto I Forio
Mobile phone 3208350035
Email address
on Facebook iskander.castriot
Instagram Iskander314


Legal form Unrecognized cultural association
Year of establishment 2018
Membership composition President and treasurer (Albanian) vice president and secretary (Italian)
Number of subscribers 11
Territorial area Campania region
Purpose Protection and promotion of the Albanian and arbëresh linguistic and cultural heritage.


Legal protection
Assistance in handling the files
Learning the Albanian language X
Job placement
School X
Intercultural mediation X
Dance workshop
Soccer team

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