FNAI - National Federation of Albanian Associations Italy


FNAI - National Federation of Albanian Associations Italy was born in 2015 to promote and safeguard the cultural and linguistic identity of the Albanian people and its traditions in Italy. (srun forward to read all the purposes)

Personal data

Legal name National Federation of Albanian Italian Associations (FNAI)
Location address Via Po 7 - 46110 Mantova
Mobile phone 339 5044856 / 334 3381780
Email address federazione.fnai@gmail.com
Web page federazione-fnai.it
on Facebook FNAI - Federated Nacionale and Shoqatave Shqiptare në Itali


Promote and safeguard the cultural and linguistic identity of the Albanian people and its traditions.

To promote and preserve the Albanian language throughout the Italian territory through centers, courses, schools.

Promote in the Albanian migrant community the knowledge of their rights and duties in a path of legality by supporting relations with the Italian state and that of origin.

Create a shared network of all the associations in Italy and favor the relationships between them for useful knowledge exchange.

Enhance the legislative opportunities to support the promotion of voluntary activities.


Legal form Federation
Year of establishment 2015
Membership composition Governing Council
Number of registered associations 18
Registration in public records Municipality of Bologna
Territorial area Albania, Italy


Legal protection Protecting associations through the association Albanian Lawyers in Italy
Assistance in handling the files Through our Albanian trade unions, all those who need procedures, practices, etc. are addressed.
Job placement The available jobs are reported by sharing them on social networks
School Priority in increasing the Albanian language centers throughout the Italian territory.
Intercultural mediation Through the associations that compose us, which collaborate with the Italian municipalities to organize events such as that of the Rinia organization of Riva del Garda that every year holds the Intercultural Grand Festival where foreign countries, including Albania, meet over 20.
Dance workshop Every year an event is organized in the various Italian cities, where many Italians are gathered and to whom our traditional dances are taught. An example is Renzo Bonafini from Rovereto who never loses one of our dance events.
Soccer team We promote various football teams like Arbëria's in Bolzano.

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