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November 15, 2019

AAI - Albanian Lawyers Association in Italy


The Association of Albanian Lawyers in Italy (AAI) was born in January of 2019 to pursue the protection of Albanian or Albanian lawyers in Italy and abroad, enhancing their social role and professional ethics, and thereby placing themselves as the ultimate goal of guaranteeing people's rights.

To achieve its aims, the Association mainly aims to disseminate the values ​​of the legal profession and to promote the participation of the Albanian legal profession in various organizations, to monitor and take action on the protection of the rights of persons and in particular of the Albanian citizens present on the Italian territory, taking initiatives aimed at introducing and modifying legal regulations, as well as establishing and maintaining relations with Italian, Albanian and international institutions and individuals.

Albanian Lawyers Association in Italy

Personal data

Legal nameAlbanian Lawyers Association in Italy
Location addressPiazzale Clodio n. 18 - 00195 ROME (RM)
FacebookAlbanian Lawyers in Italy


Legal formAssociation
Year of establishment2019
Membership compositionAlbanian members and Albanian Governing Council or with dual citizenship
Territorial areaNational
PurposeProtection of the figure of the Albanian lawyer in Italy - protection of human rights.

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