How many inhabitants and how many are entitled to vote in Albania?

About 3,5 million Albanians have the right to vote in the 30 June 2019 local elections: the number of voters is higher than the entire population of the country of 2,8 million Albanians. While the population of total Albanian citizenship is 4,5 million. Albanians who have renounced Albanian citizenship are not in the civil register, unlike those with dual citizenship.

At the beginning of the 2019, the Municipality of Tirana counted 828 thousand people, followed by the Municipality of Durres, 323 thousand and Elbasan, 212 thousand. The smallest municipality by population is Pustec with 5186 inhabitants, followed by Libohova with 7mila and Fushë Arrëz with 11mila.

At the national level, INSTAT (The Albanian Statistics Institute) estimates that the 2019 resident population in January was 2,86 million people or more than 1,6 million people less than the population of the national civil registry.

The population of the district of Tirana, which includes the municipalities of Tirana, Kamza, Vora, Kavajë and Rrogozhina, according to the civil register is 1,13 million inhabitants, and according to the INSTAT estimate for the resident population is 895 thousand.