Journey through the beauty and legends of Albania

A journey to discover the legends, curiosities and the most interesting places to see in Albania

The column of Albania News, through which we will rediscover the enchanted places of the Land of Eagles, telling the story, the legends, the places to visit and curiosities.

Why is Albania called the Country of the Eagles?

Although Albania is known by all as the Land of Eagles, very few foreigners are aware of the real reason that led to the spread of this name. It is not enough, in fact, to know that the official flag of the country depicts a black two-headed eagle on a red background.

To understand why it is necessary to take a step back and start from the name with which the Albanians call Albania and its inhabitants. What we know as Albania is for them Shqipëri and its inhabitants are called shqipëtar and not Albanians, as we tend to call them we foreigners.

But where do these names come from? In all probability from the Tale of the eagle, an Albanian folk tale that explains how Albania and the Albanians received their indigenous name.

The legend of Rozafa, Scutari

The most beautiful place in Scutari is certainly the imposing castle that overlooks the city of Scutari. The castle of Rozafa was built by the Illyrians and rebuilt over the years by the Venetians and then by the Ottomans. On the Tourism Albania portal you can read aarticle to about.

Here we want to talk about the legend of Rozafa and the castle of Scutari. It tells of three brothers engaged in the construction of the fortress walls.

It is a very ancient Albanian legend, which has spanned the centuries, up to the present day. Rozafa, was called the Castle, as the name of the young mother mentioned in this legend

Syri i Kaltër and the giant snake

The legend tells the story of the birth of Syri i Kaltër (Blue Eye), a true tropical paradise in southern Albania.

The legend tells of a giant snake that had come out of the waters of Saranda and Delvina. At the city bridge of Saranda, there was a small source, to which many women and children drew water for the house. While women were taking water, the snake came and ate all those people.

Tirana and his pair of Romeo and Juliet

Not everyone knows that Tirana also had its similar tragedy, similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. A tragedy, of which the Tiranesi protagonists were called Bukuria and Faqebardhi.

In the Tirana-Ndroq road axis, under a very ancient and high plane tree, there is a large tomb, which the native Tiranese population recognizes with the name: "Varri i ashikut" - "The lover's tomb".