Easter in Albania

Le festivities in Albania they are different and in this link find the list which are the days of Albanian national holidays for the 2019

There are numerous feasts in Albania both of the Christian and Muslim tradition. Throughout the year, around 11-15 are celebrated between religious and non-religious days.

Among the religious festivals, the Orthodox Easter, usually celebrated a week after the Catholic Easter, but it can also coincide on the same day as the Catholic Easter.

On this occasion, Orthodox families color and decorate the characteristic Easter eggs, which are mainly red in color. On Holy Thursday, children go from house to house singing and offering colored eggs in exchange for money or sweets.

The eggs, blessed on Saturday evening, are consumed during the Easter lunch. Each diner will eat his own egg after having beaten it with that of his neighbor by uttering an auspicious phrase. Then the shells are placed near the tree roots to hope for abundant crops.

Easter - Holidays in Albania

We list in chronological order the public holidays for Easter in Albania for the year 2020

  • 12 April - Easter Sunday (Catholic) - Pashkët Katolike
  • 13 April - Easter Monday (Catholic) - Pashkët Katolike
  • 19 April - Easter Sunday (Orthodox) - Pashkët Ortodokse
  • 20 April - Easter Monday (Orthodox) - Pashkët Ortodokse