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January 22 2020

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Albania Anti-Defamation Package

Anti-defamation law in Albania: the parliamentary commission against the president

At today's meeting, January 22, the Parliamentary Commission on Productive Activities, opposed the changes proposed by the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, regarding the package of laws for online media. As they warned, the socialist majority did not take into account the suggestions of the President who had rejected the measure. The socialist majority, for its part, through deputy Arben Pellumbi, stressed that the President's statements were not consistent and therefore should be considered null and void. In his report the legal representative of the President of the Republic Bledi Dervishi, noted that "it is mandatory that the two laws are examined together, since both have been sent to the Venice Commission for an opinion and we must await the outcome. I do not understand the hurry, meanwhile, we await how the President will proceed with the other law, and if both are destined for an appeal to the Constitutional Court ". There was also some amazement in the Albanian media as the Venice Commission which is already examining the clash between the Albanian parliament and the Presidency of the Republic on the modalities for the elections of the members of the Constitutional Court, received another appeal. or an opinion on the law on the audiovisual media service ....