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About US

Focus on Albanian Reality’s goal is to be a newspaper that provides up to date news and information in English thus offering the above-mentioned target community a way to actively participate in and “connect” with ALBANIA and Albanian life and culture. As well as local and regional news and events, the newspaper will also offer articles and commentaries on daily living: from “understanding Albanian politics”, to “what to visit in this Balkan area”, to “how, where and when events
General Director
Franco Tagliarini (
Editorial Director
Olti Buzi (

Special Correspondents
Giulia Bondi (Da ottobre 2009 a marzo 2011 è stata direttore responsabile di ANEWS)
Antonio Caiazza
Giovanni Armillotta
Gëzim Alpion
Flavio Costa
Giovanni Armillotta
Olimpia Gargano
Cristian Fabbi
Serena Luciani
Franco Tagliarini

Founders of Albania News
Olti Buzi (Modena), Darien Levani (Ferrara), Alban Trungu (Forlì), Manfred Bushi (Modena), Ismail Ademi (Arezzo)

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